I hope you are having a good week. I have a few updates this week which I hope may be of use. A few people have been in touch to ask about my Online Safety Leads (managing online safety) course. Just before the summer break I had to remove the course from the platform it […]

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Updates AI generated imagery – report-remove. ChatGPT and now FraudGPT? Sextortion – 257% increase. For parents – supporting young girls’ wellbeing. For parents – Samsung Kids parental controls. AI Generated Imagery – Report-Remove The concerns of lifelike AI generated CSAM is very real, as is the potential concern for students ‘face-cloning’ explicit images of other

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Updates Safeguarding and Immersive technologies. Children using AI to bully others. Fake calculator apps. For parents – updated supervision features for FB Messenger and Instagram. For parents – Discord Family Center. Safeguarding and Immersive Technologies The NSPCC have commissioned a new (fairly short) report into safeguarding and immersive technologies (e.g. virtual reality). The purpose of

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