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#DITTO – The Free Online Safety Magazine

Written specifically for schools and parents, a new edition is shared monthly to keep you, your staff and your parents up to date with the latest issues, risks, advice, guidance and opinion with a view to enjoying the wonders of technology – safely!

Parent Engagement – a strategy and guide

Parent engagement can be frustrating and there’s no such thing as a ‘solution’. But there are things that we can do, so I have put together a simple guide and strategy which may go some way to help.

Free Online Safety Posters for the Classroom

Free e-safety posters to use in the classroom, specifically for younger children (KS1/KS2), including a blank poster for children to fill out themselves.

A Guide to Establishing your Online Safety Group

A comprehensive guide for one of the most forward thinking initiatives you can do.

Using Facebook as a School Communication Tool

A complete guide to using Facebook to engage your school community, including questions and answers, and a sample letter for parents.

Empowering Positive Behaviour

This is a short article/guide considering how we can effect long term change when it comes to educating and empowering e-safety.

Model e-Safety Policy

A model e-safety policy that is clear, concise, and contains the majority of information that many schools will need. Also includes guidance, risk logs, risk assessments and flowcharts.

e-Safety Survey for Children, staff and parents

A survey is a great, simple and effective way to understand any gaps in knowledge so that you can target education where it is needed rather than making assumption.

Internet Monitoring – an explanation to parents

Briefly looks at the difference between filtering and monitoring, and why it is important to explain to all users (and parents) the reasons why this is done in school. It also includes what you should consider in your policies and an example letter to send home to parents.

Twitter for Twitchy Teachers

A guide for those new to Twitter or not yet engaging. There are also two other guides: Using Twitter in Schools; Using Twitter Safely for Parents and Young People

Blocking or Managing the Internet?

White paper on behalf of Impero Software – Is there a balance between blocking and managing the internet in school?  If so, what is it and how can it be achieved?

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