These online safety resources are free to download and use in schools and colleges. They are all direct downloads, meaning you don’t have to supply any details to be able to download. Click on the title to be taken to the page where you can download the resource.

Parent Engagement – a strategy and guide

Parent engagement can be frustrating and there’s no such thing as a ‘solution’. But there are things that we can do, so I have put together a simple guide and strategy which may go some way to help.

Free Online Safety Posters for the Classroom

Free online safety posters to use in the classroom, specifically for younger children (KS1/KS2), including a blank poster for children to fill out themselves.

A Guide to Establishing your Online Safety Group

A comprehensive guide for one of the most forward thinking initiatives you can do.

Free Online Safety Weekly Update

This free online safety newsletter is delivered to you via email each Wednesday during school term time. Within the update I will share a range of information including: any new risks and issues I have come across when I am out and about in schools, any new and free curriculum resources I find (and would be happy to recommend), any research which may help us keep children safe, information and links for parents and much more.

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