Online Safety Weekly Update – 20th Sept 2023


  • AI generated imagery – report-remove.
  • ChatGPT and now FraudGPT?
  • Sextortion – 257% increase.
  • For parents – supporting young girls’ wellbeing.
  • For parents – Samsung Kids parental controls.

AI Generated Imagery – Report-Remove

The concerns of lifelike AI generated CSAM is very real, as is the potential concern for students ‘face-cloning’ explicit images of other students. I have created a 6-minute video which can be shown to all staff (not students) briefly explaining this and also explaining what can be done to report this imagery via the Childline/IWF Report Remove tool.

You can view the video HERE.

ChatGPT and now FraudGPT?

You can’t have missed all the media reporting over the last few months about ChatGPT. This sort of large language model (LLM) has ethical safeguards in place to prevent misuse, but with the technology available to anyone it isn’t beyond reason that others will use technology with no safeguards in place. Enter FraudGPT, for sale on the dark web (allegedly) and designed to be a large language model which criminals can use for fraudulent purposes (e.g. phishing scams, chatbot scams etc.). 

There’s debate about whether FraudGPT actually exists or whether it’s just scammers scamming other scammers, but even if it doesn’t exist (yet) the fact remains that this technology can be used. For example, one of the key pieces of advice we give to students when receiving official posts, emails etc. is to check for spelling/grammar. This is because the primary language of many criminals and organised crime groups isn’t english. However, with the likes of ChatGPT this advice will become secondary quite quickly and it’s important we make students aware of this – just because the spelling/grammar are perfect doesn’t mean that something can be trusted 100%.

The same is true of reviews; think Amazon, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot etc., ChatGPT can be used to create thousands of reviews in seconds.

For more information about FraudGPT see HERE.
For a really good article explaining fake reviews, see the article in The Guardian HERE.


Sextortion – 257% Increase

The Internet Watch Foundation is reporting a worrying increase in criminal acts of sextortion with older teen boys (14-17) most at risk. We know that many students won’t report for a variety of different reasons, this is why knowledge of the Report Remove tool (mentioned above) is increasingly important both to staff and students. I have a 10-minute video which you can show to your staff/older students HERE (note: this is a series of paid-for videos, but the sextortion video is free. If you do show this to students remember to ensure you pre-warn students about the content and that you have support available during and after the viewing).

You can read more about the increase on the IWF website HERE.
Advice and guidance from the IWF for parents of children who are being sexually extorted can be found HERE.

For Parents – Supporting Young Girls’ Wellbeing.


From managing screen time, the fear of missing out and body image. All these and more can affect the wellbeing of children. Internet Matters have put together a great series of articles for parents and although aimed at 9-10 year old girls I would say it is worthwhile for all older and younger children, boys and girls.

You can see the advice page HERE.

For Parents – Samsung Kids Parental Controls


Samsung Kids is a parental feature which you can set up on your child’s device which can be used to apply restrictions such as app access, downloading, screen time, privacy and more. It’s really easy to set up and use and will help you to manage your child’s online activity.

To learn more, including a setup guide, see HERE.


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