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Whether it’s speaking to children, young people, governors, parents etc. I am very lucky to have helped thousands of schools, businesses, charities and other organizations with their online safety training over the years.  

Photograph of Alan Mackenzie - e-safety training support and advice to schoolsI’m not an expert, I’m a specialist, and there’s an important distinction. Online safety has become such a huge and continually evolving area it’s impossible for any person to be an expert in everything, which is why I was one of the founding members of AACOSS (The Association of Adult and Child Online Safety Specialists). Between us we have well over 100 years of online safety experience in different areas, e.g. police, trauma, safeguarding, CSA/CSE and so much more. We frequently get together to up-skill each other, collaborate on new areas of concern or common issues we are finding to ensure that we are all right up to date so that I can deliver the best possible online safety training to you.

Online Safety Training in School

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed things, the uncertainty of the future (e.g. local lockdowns, nervous about bringing outsiders into school etc.) means that I need to diversify in order to meet the needs of schools, colleges and others. Whilst I believe many schools will still want physical visits, more and more schools are asking for pre-recorded videos or virtual training and I am happy to accommodate.

One of the major advantages of pre/recorded is that I can significantly reduce the cost to you as I’m not on the road for hours every day.

Pre-Recorded / Virtual Training

Staff Inset/CPD

This is a pre-recorded video for all staff (teaching and support) to bring them right up to date with current issues and advice. The video will be recorded during the last week of August 2020 to ensure the content is as up to date as possible .

What’s included?

  • Age relevant – there will be two videos, one for primary and one for secondary/colleges to meet the different age needs.
  • Jan 2021 update – You will also get a further updated video in January 2021 to ensure you are as up to date as possible.
  • One hour – The video will be approx. 1 hour long, followed by a short section for senior leaders and curriculum leads.
  • Download the video – You will receive a download link so you can watch the video at any time, no reliance on poor broadband/connection speeds.

What’s the cost?

The cost for the video, which includes the January update video is £95.00 (plus VAT).

Online Safety Lead Training

The online safety lead and/or designated safeguarding lead needs to have a greater breadth and depth of knowledge in relation to risks/issues, management of online safety, curriculum requirements, parental engagement and much more. 

What’s included?

  • Small modules – This is a set of pre-recorded videos split into smaller modules via my learning platform. The modules can be taken on any device.
  • Depth and breadth – we’ll be going deep into the online lives of children and young people looking at a range of risks and issues in a clear, pragmatic way. We’ll also be looking at managing online safety in school, parental engagement, curriculum and best (free) resources and more.
  • Unlimited support – for 12 months I’m just a phone call or email away.
What’s the cost?

The cost for the course and 12 months support is £195.00 (plus VAT). For additional staff from the same school the cost is an additional £95.00 (plus VAT) each.

Online Safety Training in School


All online safety lessons with students are tailored to their age. I talk with them on a variety of subject areas, all tied to the online safety and wellbeing curriculum. I don’t do ‘scary’, all my lessons are designed to be informative, engaging and non-judgemental. 

I speak with them about the spaces they are in, namely their games, YouTube and social media and there’s good reason for that. If you talk about these spaces in their language, using real examples, the positive impact is greater because they can apply what they are learning to their world.


As with students, online safety training for staff is tailored to the age of the students in your school.  The talks, which are for everyone, not just teaching staff, are upbeat and informative, giving the most up to date information regarding the online activities of children and young people and the risks and issues within those spaces. 

A staff online safety training talk is ideal for a twilight session and I can give a good, in-depth talk in just over an hour. Equally, if you want to get deeper into particular subject areas I’m happy to extend this.

Governors and Senior Leaders

Annual research carried out by SWGfL shows that historically, the weakest aspect of online safety in school is consistently governor training.A talk with governors/trustees and senior leaders follows a similar format to a staff training session. 

I don’t go into as much detail regarding activities, risks and issues (although I can if you wish), but in this session there is more concentration on the governance and senior leadership aspects, such as roles and responsibilities of the school, curriculum, Ofsted etc.


Parental engagement can be frustrating at the best of times, none more so than when it comes to online safety training. I’ve tried every trick in the book to help schools get more parents in, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but you will know as well as I do that parents, particularly for younger children, are the most important aspect of online safety. 

If you are considering hosting a parent online safety training event and inviting me in to talk to parents drop me an email and I will give you some pointers that may help.

Online Safety Pro

Time, money, what do you keep up to date with, where is that advice coming from, is it based on good research and experience, how do you engage parents and what with? What are the latest risks and issues and how do we tackle these in the curriculum? 

This is what Online Safety Pro is all about; a 1-day intensive course off-site, plus virtual online safety training for all your staff and governors for one small cost. 

HERE for further information

Managing Online Safety

When you’re already busy in school wearing a multitude of different hats, it can be really difficult knowing where your school sits in regards to best online safety practice.  

The 360Safe tool is a free self-assessment tool used by thousands of schools which covers 28 different aspects of online safety in school. This can take a lot of time, but as an accredited 360Safe assessor I can help you with this by coming to your school and completing an audit in a half-day, then spending a further half-day writing a report for you to prioritise and give advice to move forward, along with ongoing support.

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