Online Safety training can be tailored to your requirements; I’m not a great believer in set training as every school is different. The list below is a small example of some training and awareness sessions that can be delivered at your school.

Reducing Costs

As a consultant my costs are simply based on time, so you could consider cluster training for a number of schools at a single location, for example a parents evening or staff inset/twilight. You could also consider fitting a number of sessions into a single day, for example a staff session followed by a parents evening.

If you have a question please contact me, details are at the bottom of this page.

Time, money, what do you keep up to date with, where is that advice coming from, is it based on good research and experience, how do you engage parents and what with? This is what Online Safety Pro is all about; bringing you right up to date with a 1-day intensive course, plus online training for all your staff and governors for one small cost. Click HERE for further information

Clear, pragmatic and engaging talk to bring staff right up to date with the opportunities and risks online. The talk will discuss the main activities of children and young people such as gaming, YouTube and social media which is tailored to the age of the students. This is a 60 to 90-minute session for teaching and support staff to understand what risk is, what the latest research and statistics tells us and plenty of real-world examples from my talks with thousands of pupils over the years.

An engaging, open discussion with students across all key stages, not a monologue! Ideally fitted into a lesson, this could be a discussion based on concerns you have at the school; alternatively it could be an open discussion with students to identify and help with their needs and concerns.

Particularly with KS2 students and above we talk about the real things that affect them, not cartoons and animations. We talk about YouTube, gaming, social media and more. Real world, real impact. These lessons are designed so that students are given the key esafety messages based on their activities, and staff in the sessions have a greater understanding of the online lives of the pupils.

As with staff, a good awareness of the child protection risks related to e-safety, but this time more tailored to a home environment. This is a 60-minute upbeat (not scary) session for parents and guardians into e-safety issues and risks to children whilst using digital technology. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask for advice and guidance about any related issues.

A full awareness of the risks to children (and staff), and the risks and liabilities to the school. How are all these risks and liabilities translated into school policy. A full understanding of what the whole school should know. This is a 60-minute session for senior leaders and governing bodies. A thirty-minute presentation overview of e-safety risks and behaviours followed by a further presentation and discussion about the governance of e-safety in your school.

An audit by an accredited (360Safe) consultant including an in-depth review of your policies and practices to ensure you meet Ofsted, curriculum and safeguarding needs. An in-depth, detailed report to give guidance where you do not meet recommended thresholds and ongoing support.

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