Online Safety Videos for Secondary and College Students

Purpose of the Videos

These online safety videos for secondary and college students have been created to be used in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • During an assembly to promote awareness.
  • During a lesson as part of a planned programme of work.
  • During a lesson to promote discussion and debate.

The videos are all purposefully short, between 8 and 12 minutes and all follow the same format:

  • What is it?
  • What do we know?
  • What can we do?

Video Topics

There are 10 videos in total covering a diverse range of topics which fit into the Online Safety, PSHE and Computing national curriculum:

  • Blackmail and sextortion.
  • Digital footprint.
  • Employment and university.
  • Mis and disinformation.
  • Online bullying.
  • Online child sexual exploitation.
  • Online disinhibition.
  • Online fraud.
  • Persuasive design.
  • Radicalisation.

Sample Video

This is a sample video from the collection. It is the full version in order that you can see the quality, the way in which I speak, the content etc.

What do you get?

On purchase you are granted a 12 month licence for all of the videos; you can view the videos as many times as you wish in school/college.

You will receive a PDF document which explains the content of the videos, the suggested age range and a small selection of questions that can be asked in the classroom to promote engagement and discussions.

All the videos:

  • Are high quality, recorded in 4K.
  • Contain subtitles (can be turned on/off).
  • Can be streamed in school, downloaded to the school/college network, used for remote learning.

How do I purchase and cost?

The cost is £179.00 plus VAT for all 10 videos (not each) and a 12 month licence. To purchase all you need to do is send an email ( I will raise a quotation and send it back.

Once I receive a purchase order number I will send the invoice and the PDF document for all the video content at the same time. 

If you don’t use purchase orders just let me know, I will raise an invoice straight away.

NOTE: The site licence is for a single site (e.g. school/college). If you are a MAT or purchasing for multiple sites, mention this in the email and I will apply a generous discount for multi-site purchase.

You May Also Be Interested In

Online Safety Videos for Staff

Keeping teaching and support staff up to date with online safety is a statutory requirement (KCSiE) but can be problematic for various reasons, including time and cost. 

Each year I record a primary and secondary/college video in late August and then again in late December to ensure the information is up to date as possible. 

The video length is approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes. The cost for this video is £95.00 plus VAT for the school/college site (not per person).

Online Safety Videos for Parents

Getting parents into school or engaging with parents is often challenging. To help with this I have created a small series of 7 videos.

On purchase you receive a PDF document. Within this document is the text, supporting links and video link for 7 emails. All you need to do is copy and paste the text into your own email (or other school communication) and send out to your parents at a frequency to suit you, e.g. weekly. 

No sign-up or any other admin is required. The cost for the school/college site is £149.00 plus VAT for a 12 month licence.