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e-Safety, specifically e-safety training in schools nationally and internationally has been a passion of mine for a long time; I love technology and the huge benefits that can be realised through global connectivity.  I’m a strong believer that e-safety is an enabler, not a showstopper; it should not be a barrier to innovative use of technology. I’m a heavy user of social media, have been a gamer since my early 20’s and I love YouTube. In other words, I use all the things children and young people use; I understand their online spaces and the language they are using, and when I’m in schools delivering e-safety training or speaking at a conference this is exactly what I’m talking about. 

I strongly believe that if you educate children using the spaces they engage in, they understand more, they’re more enthusiastic, they engage and therefore the likelihood of positive impact is greater.

Alan Mackenzie

Online safety specialist

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What I don't do


Scary talks don't work; they never have and never will.


Some children shouldn't be on social media, or playing certain games. But they are. An adult telling a child or young person what they shouldn't be on achieves nothing. We need to help and guide them, not judge them.

One size fits all

Talks and training have to fit needs and age, e.g. a talk about privacy to a KS2 child has to be completely different and in much more depth for a KS4 young person. An e-safety for staff training session in a primary school has to be different to a secondary school.

What I do


I talk to the children about online safeguarding, resilience, privacy, literacy etc. using the spaces they are in; games, YouTube and social media. Better understanding, more positive impact.

Well researched

Online safety is one area where you have to be very careful which research you are reading. My talks are all based on good, trustworthy, academic research that fit in with curriculum requirements.


All my online safety talks are designed to give the best support and guidance possible.

e-Safety Training and Support


Tailored e-safety training for all staff and senior leaders, students, governing body and parents; up-skilling for e-safety lead or those with strategic responsibility; helping you engage with your school community with the appropriate use of social media.  Click the link below to see how I can help you.


If you are an organisation or charity that needs one-off or strategic assistance then contact me to see if I can help.  This might include writing a whitepaper, assistance with a new initiative, designing new training materials, testing or advising on a new service or speaking at your conference or delivering e-safety training to  your staff.

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First of all, I wanted to say how well received your visit was. It’s rare to have such unequivocal support for any consultant to the school, but I think your straightforward and pragmatic approach was welcomed by all those that you met.
Southbank International School
Director of ICT
The course proved to be very informative and valuable. I would urge anyone who is an ICT Co-ordinator or delegated Safeguarding contact in your school to sign up as the course tackled a range of issues, information and strategies designed to help your school cope with the demands of modern technology and communication. I cannot rate this course highly enough.
Quadring and Brown Primary
Computing Lead
The training was invaluable, not only reinforcing how successful our e-safety in school is but also in providing forward-thinking ideas and having opportunities for dialogue with like-minded professionals who recognise the importance of e-safety in school. During a recent Ofsted inspection, the inspector responsible for safeguarding, identified having a designated e-safety officer as a real strength, and a contributing factor to our excellent safeguarding procedures. It is training that a member of the leadership team from every school needs to go on.
North Cockerington Primary
After careful consideration we decided to use Alan’s services in school primarily because of his in-depth knowledge and experience of using ICT in schools and e-safety background. Recently Alan attended a governor’s meeting to deliver an e-safety awareness session; it was clear, informative and thought-provoking. We will continue to use Alan’s services in the future across the whole school not only for e-safety but to drive the use of technology with staff and the children.
Swineshead and Sutton Fourfields

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