The most common concerns I hear from schools are:

  • Cost of online safety training.
  • Online safety expertise – how do you keep up to date?
  • Getting all staff and governors together for training when time is already difficult.
  • Poor understanding of the spaces children are in: games, YouTube and social media.
  • How do you engage with children in the classroom about online safety?
  • How do you develop a whole school approach?

Online safety has evolved over the years into a huge area. 

Time, money, what do you keep up to date with, where is that advice coming from, is it based on good research and experience, how do you engage parents and what with?

Part of the problem is that online safety crosses over into many areas, e.g. PSHE (the most important area), so it can’t be treated as a bespoke subject, and neither can it be treated as a technology issue. Technology is predominantly the mode of transport, behaviour is key. But to understand behaviour you also need to understand the spaces that children are in.

Online Safety Pro will help you with all of this and much more.

Clear and pragmatic with lots of opinion backed up by experience and real examples. Totally changed the way I think about online safety and my approach to it.
Primary School
Designated Safeguarding Lead
The most comprehensive and in-depth course I have ever been on. I will be returning to school buzzing with new ideas.
Primary School
Computing Coordinator


1-day course for your online safety lead:

  • Online safety risks and opportunities related to gaming, YouTube and social media. We’ll be going deep into these areas, specifically why things are happening, including e.g. disinhibition, parasocial relationships, influencers etc.
  • Whole school approach to managing online safety.
  • Engaging children and parents.
  • Best free classroom resources.
  • and much more.

Plus Training for all your Staff and Governors

It is vital that all your staff (teaching and support) have regular, updated training online safety training:

  • 12 months access to online safety training for your staff, including new members of staff.
  • 12 months access to online safety training for your governors.
  • Regular 10-minute videos to keep all staff and governors updated with new online safety issues and advice.


Alan Mackenzie specialises in online safety and has been working in schools nationally and abroad since 2007.

Working with children, staff, parents, governors, police, charities and much more he brings a wealth of clear, pragmatic experience and advice concerning the risks and opportunities in the areas where children are most likely to be: games, YouTube and social media.
He doesn’t just talk about these areas, he uses (and enjoys) them all and is therefore able to balance the risks and the opportunities.


Full day training for one member of staff PLUS 12 months online training for all staff and governors, including new members of staff, PLUS regular updated videos to keep staff right up to date.

Cost: £349 + VAT

All future venues and dates are below with more being added soon. Either click the Eventbrite link or alternatively you can email Alan ( ) and ask for a place to be reserved, an invoice will be sent to you before the course date.

* NOTE: If you pay via Eventbrite by clicking the links below, you will incur a small Eventbrite admin charge. To avoid this just send an email to me ( ) and you will be invoiced directly.*

23rd Sept 2019 – London
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7th Nov 2019 – London
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