Online Safety Pro

Online safety has evolved over the years into a huge area. Time, money, what do you keep up to date with, where is that advice coming from, is it based on good research and experience, how do you engage parents and what with? These are just some of the many barriers that schools face.


  • A 1-day course to bring you right up to date on a range of topic areas including:
    • Online safety risks and opportunities related to gaming, YouTube and social media. We’ll be going deep into these areas, specifically why things are happening, including e.g. disinhibition, parasocial relationships, influencers etc.
    • Whole school approach to managing online safety.
    • Engaging children and parents.
    • Best free classroom resources.
    • and much more.
  • 12 months access to online safety training for your staff, including new members of staff.
  • 12 months access to online safety training for your governors.
  • Half-termly, 10-minute video to keep you, all staff and governors updated with new online safety issues and advice.
  • Information and guidance for you to send out to your parents.

Who will deliver the training?

Alan Mackenzie is an online safety specialist. He has been working in schools nationally and abroad, specialising in online safety, since 2006.
Working with children, staff, parents, governors, police, charities and much more he brings a wealth of clear, pragmatic experience and advice concerning the risks and opportunities in the areas where children are most likely to be: games, YouTube and social media.
He doesn’t just talk about these areas, he uses (and enjoys) them all and is therefore able to balance the risks and the opportunities.

Where is the training and how much?

Cost: £349 + VAT

All future venues and dates are below. After registering you can pay via credit card or choose to pay by invoice.

Alternatively you can email Alan ( ) and ask for a place to be reserved, an invoice will be sent to you.

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Dates and Venues

London 28th March 2019
Eventbrite - Online Safety Pro - London - 28th March 2019

London 7th May 2019
Eventbrite - Online Safety Pro - London - 7th May 2019

Manchester 22nd May 2019
Eventbrite - Online Safety Pro - Manchester - 22nd May 2019

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