I have children, I sometimes work with children. But more often than not I work with the adults who work with children – raising the awareness of online risks and issues to children and how to mitigate against these risks. Adults have a hard time keeping up with the risks, issues and dangers, particularly in […]

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A mum and her son go into a school and confront the Headteacher.  “Aaron is being bullied on Facebook, what are you going to do about it?” This is becoming an all too common occurrence, but one which raises a number of questions – Since when, and why has it become a school problem? What

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Esafety, online safety, child protection – internet filtering is normally the first step any establishment takes in order to meet its statutory and safeguarding obligations.  But what is internet filtering, is it esafety or is it blocking? For clarity and ease I’m just going to refer to schools in this blog, but you can substitute

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Well, I’ve taken the plunge. It is an initiative I have been thinking about for a while. Having worked within this area for a number of years, spoken to countless people, visited and spoken to hundreds of schools, met software developers and companies, the question still remains – what is esafety? Esafety is a big

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