Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

I have children, I sometimes work with children. But more often than not I work with the adults who work with children – raising the awareness of online risks and issues to children and how to mitigate against these risks. Adults have a hard time keeping up with the risks, issues and dangers, particularly in schools when staff are already over-burdened with numerous other priorities.

When it comes to e-safety it is important you understand the language of children and young people, particularly when they are communicating via their mobile phone, on the Xbox or Playstation, or any other digital device. Increasingly (daily it seems like) we live in a world of acronyms particularly in our professional lives, but if it is an area you are unfamiliar with these acronyms just come across as blurb. I came across an excellent list of acronyms from this site – PapaHeroes – If you are a teacher or a parent I would advise familiarising yourself with these, particularly if your children regularly use chat or text.

Here’s a list of the first 50 or so, you can see the full list here – PapaHeroes

8 – Oral sex
9 – Parent is watching
99 – Parent no longer watching
20 – Meaning “location”
121 One-to-one (private chat initiation)
143 – I love you
182 – I hate you
1174 – Nude club
4AO – For adults only
420 – Marijuana or Lets get high
459 – I love you
A3 – Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
ADR – Address
AITR – Adult in the room
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
ASLA – Age/sex/location/availability
AEAP – As Early As Possible
ALAP – As Late As Possible
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
AWGTHTGTTA – Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
banana – code word for penis
B4YKI – Before You Know It
BRB – Be Right Back
BRT – Be Right There
CD9 – Code 9 – it means parents are around
C-P – Sleepy
CP – Chat post (or continue in IM)
CR8 – Create
CRAFT – Can’t remember a *freaking* thing
CT – Can’t talk
CTC – Care to chat?
CWYL – Chat With You Later
CYT – See You Tomorrow
CYE – Check your e-mail
D46? – Down for sex?
DOC – Drug Of Choice
DIKU – Do I know you?
DP – Display Picture
DYFM – Dude, you fascinate me
F2F – Face-to-Face
F2P – Free to play
FAH – F***ing A Hot
FB – F*** Buddy -or- FaceBook
FOAF – Friend Of A Friend
FWB – Friends with benefits
FYEO – For your eyes only
FYA – For your amusement
GAP – Got a pic?
GNOC – Get naked On cam
GYPO – Get your pants off
H4Y – Hot for you

If you use any type of online safety or keylogging software you can use these acronyms in your library.

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