YouTube Parental Restrictions

When I’m speaking in schools with children, parents and teachers, one of the main concerns is about the lack of YouTube parental restrictions or controls that are available within YouTube. This is an understandable concern, historically the ability for parents to curate content that is appropriate for the age of their children has been poor, predominantly because the ‘official’ age restriction on YouTube is 13.

But YouTube have been making improvements and there are a number of new features that are available to parents, not only in the main YouTube service but also for YouTube Kids.

To make it easy for parents I have gathered together some of the official YouTube videos into one place that explain these new features:

  • YouTube Kids
    • Parent Allowlisting.
    • Select content based on child’s age.
    • How to approve what your kids can watch.
    • Limiting screen time.
  • Main YouTube
    • Supervised Experience (for children 9+).

YouTube Parent Allowlisting – share YouTube content to your childs YouTube Kids account:


YouTube Kids – how to select content levels based on your child’s age:


YouTube Kids – how to approve what your kids can watch.


YouTube Kids – how to limit screen time:


YouTube – Supervised Experience (for children 9+)


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