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Whole-school training and CPD for staff, governing body and parents tailored to your own school requirements.Learn More
Short (5 minutes) videos much like a newsletter to give you the latest advice, resources and opinion on the topic of e-safety.Learn More
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e-Safety consultancy, advice and training

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e-Safety is a hugely diverse area and it is continually growing.  There is no silver bullet, different schools have different needs; the key is effective management and high quality training.

e-Safety is not about scaremongering, it is about engaging, educating and empowering
(that’s what the “e” stands for).

What can I do for you?

Schools – Strategic approach to identify any gaps and tailored action plans; policy review to ensure governance; tailored or bespoke training for all staff and senior leaders, students, governing body and parents; up-skilling for e-safety lead or those with strategic responsibility; help you engage your school community with the appropriate use of social media.

Companies and others – software or service testing and risk assessment to identify any e-safety concerns; whitepapers; appropriate use of social media training for your staff; policy assessments; e-safety training for your staff that work with children and young people; risk assessments and mitigation.

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NEW: 5-Minute e-Safety.  Short, clear, concise videos.  See HERE for more information

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