Using Twitter in School

Twitter is a fantastic service and is proven time and time again to provide so many positives in an educational setting.Twitter in School

There are three downloads below:

The first is a brief guide for schools who would like to use Twitter or perhaps already are. This is not a “how to use Twitter” guide, but briefly goes into policy, liability to the school, and the safe usage along with some tips and advice.

The second is a brief guide for young people or their parents. After a brief introduction there is a one-page bullet list for staying safe. This can be used to put up on the wall in a class or youth club etc., hosted on your website, or sent home for parents to see.

The third download is for teaching staff who are not yet convinced and may be a bit twitchy. It includes a little e-safety if that is the prime concern to not using Twitter in school.

I hope you find them useful.

PDF Download Using Twitter in Schools

Using Twitter Safely – for Parents and Young People

Twitter for Twitchy Teachers

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