Internet Content Filtering – A Balance Between Blocking and Managing

On behalf of Impero Software, I was delighted to be asked to write a paper on my thoughts regarding managing e-safety in regards to internet filtering.Internet Filtering: A Balance Between Blocking and Filtering

Internet content filtering always has been (and I think always will be) a controversial topic, yet it is doubtful we could ever do without it.

Impero have kindly given their permission for me to allow this paper as a download. Two thousand copies of the paper were given out at BETT and you can now download your own copy below.

The following two paragraphs are part of the executive summary with the download link immediately below (don’t worry, there is no sign-up, it is a straight PDF download).

As the use of new technology such as tablet devices, and online services such as social networking or social sharing, is being adopted in many schools there is the potential for an increase in risk to both the school and the student. Commonly it is an internet content filter that is used as the first (and sometimes only) line of defence. But is this still appropriate technology in an age when schools are using more and more online services?

Some schools are real pathfinders; they are adopting new ways of learning, using ICT to enhance or extend that learning. This is great to see; the use of ICT should never be about learning to “use the tool”, but using it “as a tool” to enhance something else. In the context of e-safety, one of the outcomes of using these tools is that students can be more empowered with a life-skill far more effectively than by watching a few videos; learning by doing, not learning by telling.

To download the full report (PDF) please click on the graphic:

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