Online Safety Leads

Keeping Children Safe in Education requires one or more members of staff to have a more in-depth knowledge of online safety. Whilst the responsibility for safeguarding as a whole sits with the Designated Safeguarding Lead, other members of staff are often given the day to day responsibility. The Online Safety Leads course is suitable for all members of staff who have a strategic lead, day to day responsibility, or if you’re simply interested to go beyond the basics of online safety. This was a course which, pre-pandemic, I delivered face to face in venues around the country. Since making it digital it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback in terms of delivery, content and cost.

What is the Online Safety Leads course?

  • An in-depth course for those who manage online safety in school/college.
  • e.g. DSL, Computing Coordinator, ICT Lead, Safeguarding Governor, Headteacher etc.
  • Online (virtual) training via short modules by an experienced specialist.
  • At your own pace, in your own time (12 month licence).
  • Printed certificate sent through the post on completion.

Teaching online safety is one thing, managing online safety when you are time poor is another thing entirely, particularly when you take into account curriculum, safeguarding, technology, parental engagement and more.

This online safety leads course will help you will all of this. Clear, pragmatic, up to date information from someone who works in schools and colleges and specialises in online safety.

Who will deliver the training?

Alan Mackenzie

Alan specialises in online safety and has been working in schools nationally and abroad since 2007. Working with children, staff, parents, governors, police, charities and much more he brings a wealth of clear, pragmatic experience and advice concerning the risks and opportunities in the areas where children are most likely to be: games, YouTube and social media. 

He doesn’t just talk about these areas, he uses (and enjoys) them all and is therefore able to balance the risks and the opportunities.
Clear and pragmatic with lots of opinion backed up by experience and real examples. Totally changed the way I think about online safety and my approach to it. Lots to think about and implement at school.
Primary School
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Incredibly informative, great balance of videos and text, lots of scenarios and examples to help the application of knowledge and a wide amount of websites and resources to use. This has been incredibly eye-opening and useful.
LP - Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy

What is Covered in the Course?

Managing Online Safety

This is the main part of the course for which you will receive your certificate. Total time 2 hours 30 minutes:

  • Introduction
  • Defining online safety
  • National picture
  • Risky behaviour
  • Content, contact, conduct
  • Gaming
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Safe or unsafe?
  • Online disinhibition
  • Cyber trauma
  • Reporting routes
  • Curriculum planning
  • Risk assessing
  • Parent engagement
  • Keeping up to date
  • Putting it all together

Risks and Issues

These are modules that may be of interest to update you or increase your knowledge. Total time 1 hour 50 minutes.

  • CSE/A
  • Online bullying
  • Sexting and sextortion
  • Digital self harm
  • Live streaming
  • Sadfishing
  • Deepfakes
  • Doxxing
  • Digital footprint
  • Gaming disorder
  • Skin gambling
  • Game transfer phenomenon
  • Persuasive design
  • Like farming
  • Images and hash technology
  • Decoy apps

How much is the Online Safety Leads course?

The course is delivered online via my learning platform, Online Safety Pro The cost is £95.00 plus VAT per person and you get 12 months to go through it as many times as you wish. Once completed, drop me an email and I will print out you a nice professional certificate and send through the post to you.

To purchase simply email Alan ( ). A quotation will be emailed to you in order to raise a purchase order. On receipt of the PO your login will be created and you can commence the course straight away.

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