Online Safety Weekly Update – 4th Oct 2023


  • Policy – use of AI in school.
  • Staff – impersonation advice and support.
  • Research into online misogyny.
  • Supporting girls impacted by online misogyny.
  • Resource – addressing child on child abuse.

Policy Template – Use of AI in School

As the use of AI increases worldwide it stands to reason that it will, at some point (if not already) be used in school for a variety of purposes. As with almost anything in school we are, at some point, going to need a policy.
Mark Anderson and Laura Knight, two amazing educators, have collaborated and put together a free policy template for schools which you can adapt to your own school needs.
The policy template can be downloaded HERE.
Staff – Impersonation Advice and Support
It will come as no surprise to many that students creating impersonation accounts (pretending to be a member of staff) is on the increase. Some I have heard of when visiting schools (both primary and secondary) are truly awful and I can only imagine the emotional impact and turmoil.
SWGfL have put together a support and advice page together on their website which briefly covers responding and making a report (including links for the popular social media apps).
You can find the support page HERE.


Research into Online Misogyny

This is a really good, detailed report from Internet Matters about online misogyny where 2,000 parents of 4-16 year olds and 1,000 children aged 9-16 were surveyed. Some key points are:
  • A significant number of boys have a favourable view of Andrew Tate (23% of boys ages 15-16).
  • An even higher proportion of dads (32%) have a positive view of Andrew Tate!
  • Understanding the term misogyny is low.
  • The majority of parents think nude image sharing is a significant concern; the majority of teenagers think that sharing nudes is always harmful (which questions the narrative that nude image sharing has become normalised).

You can download the full report HERE.

Supporting Girls Impacted by Misogyny Online


Internet Matters have put together a great article to help parents support anyone who has been impacted by online misogyny including a Dad’s experince of supporting his daughter, the experiences of one 15 year old girl and some simple tips for parents.

You can find the article HERE.

Resource – Addressing Child on Child Abuse

The resources and advice produced by Farrer and Co. are always superb, and this new resource to help schools understand and respond to child on child abuse is no exception. It’s quite a large resource but covers many areas such as: 

  • Safeguarding polices, procedures and practice.
  • Prevention.
  • Identifying and assessing.
  • Handling incidents.
  • And more.
You can download the resource HERE.

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