Managing e-Safety

Ensuring compliance, mitigating risk

In a busy school environment, it can be difficult to understand or bring together all the different elements of e-safety:  Ofsted; e-Safety Marknational curriculum; community engagement; policy requirements and so much more.

How do you meet the need, are there any gaps in your provision, are there any risks, and if so how do you plug those gaps?

An e-safety audit will identify all of the above and more for you, as well as prioritise any gaps along with guidance to help you out.  The audit is carried out by visiting your school for a half day and speaking with senior leaders and others involved with e-safety, then a further half day compiling a report.

The outcomes of an audit are:

  • An in-depth review of your policies and practices.
  • A clear (if necessary in-depth) indication should there be any risks, particularly in relation to education (student risk) or  school (liability or reputational risk, or Ofsted inspection).
  • A clearly written report and action plan indicating areas of strength or weakness.  Advice and guidance should any areas fall below a standard threshold.
  • Ongoing support to give guidance and update your action plan.

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