Sexting – New Guidance for Schools

HelpSpeaking at a conference earlier in the year, it was clear that one of the biggest frustrations, particularly from secondary/senior schools, was the lack of standardised national guidance in regards to what schools should do in response to a sexting incident. Whilst there has been huge media focus on sexting about the numbers of children and young people being involved, police investigations and young people potentially ending up with criminal records and much more, as seems to be the case these days the finger gets pointed at the school to say, ‘what are you doing about this?’

Thankfully, some new guidance has been released, and it’s good. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this by the agencies involved. It’s a big read at over 40 pages, although quite a bit of this is taken up with particular scenarios showing what should be done. These sexting scenarios are really useful for staff training or meetings where you can discuss what you would do in response to a particular incident, and also as part of your policy review to ensure that your processes are in line with the guidance.

Note that this is non-statutory guidance, and also that it can’t cover every possible situation, but it is a huge leap forward.

Download the guidance

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