Sad Times for Kuddle


They’ve got some funding to keep going for a while – brilliant news.

The use of social media by children of a younger age can be quite emotive for many reasons, but now and again an idea comes out with a pure focus on the safety and welfare of children by empowering them.

One such app is Kuddle, and I love it.

Designed for younger children to explore the benefits of social media in a very safe environment, it has seen a huge increase in use because of its simplicity, its creativity, and its focus on e-safety through education.

Sadly, as happens with many that don’t have the big bucks, Kuddle is in trouble and needs help.


I don’t normally do this, but I would urge and plead with you to share this widely to help, and if you know of any potential investors please direct them HERE.

[Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this company or the development of the app, I simply believe that this will be a sad day for such a wonderful initiative to be lost.]