Google Search – Reporting Inappropriate Predictive Results

Good e-Safety (online safety) education includes teaching children good digital skills. An important part of this is knowing what tools are available for them to take appropriate action; commonly these are reporting tools (block/report).

Google (and other search engines) have been picked up in the past for inappropriate predictive results. These aren’t the search results you see on the Google search page, they are where the so-called artificial intelligence tries to predict what you are typing into the search bar. If inappropriate, these predictive results can be reported. As far as I can tell, predictive search results only show on desktop browsers, not mobile, and up until mid-2017 you used to be able to turn them on or off via Settings, but this has now disappeared.

I’ve created a couple of screenshots below to make this more clear, and there’s a video showing the process (click on the square at the bottom right of the video to enlarge). Feel free to use this video with your children, but please don’t get them to report my name 🙂

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