Twitter for Teachers

Social networking is a great tool for schools, whether for collaborative working, for use as a broadcast account to use as a Twitter for Teachersmarketing tool in the school, or whether to engage with parents.

Some schools and teachers are understandably put off social media and social networking due in part to a lot of scaremongering. This brief guide gives a common sense viewpoint of using one such social network -Twitter

Download and leave a copy in the classroom, or give a copy to your Headteacher or Governing Body.

This guide is version 1.1 created on 1st July 2012 and amended 2nd Oct 2012. If you would like me to add anything or if you have any comments please let me know via email.

Download the PDF guide here:

Twitter for Twitchy Teachers

Here are a couple of other guides for Using Twitter in Schools, and the Safe Use of Twitter for Parents

You may also like to view a collaborative blog between myself and Matt Britland who is Head of ICT at Kingston Grammar School and is a great proponent of using social networking in school.

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