Online Safety Pro

keeping you, your staff and parents up to date

Online safety has evolved over the years into a huge area. Whilst Keeping Children Safe in Education requires staff receive regular online safety training/updates, in practice this is difficult. Annual research nationally is clear that one of the weakest aspects is staff and governor training. But what do you keep up to date with, where is that advice coming from, is it based on good research and experience, where do you find the time and resources?

New for September 2018 onwards, Online Safety Pro is here to help you with this, and more. A 1-day course being held at multiple locations, followed by 12 months of resources, advice and guidance, saving you significant time and money.




Full online safety update
Engaging children
Managing online safety (360Safe)
Whole school approach
Best free classroom resources

Staff training (online)
Governor training (online)
Induction for new staff (online)
Survey templates
Strategy advice

12 months
Half-termly video update
Information for parents
Support and guidance

What is Online Safety Pro?

The 1-day course will bring you right up to date and give you the knowledge and confidence to take online safety in your school to the next level. For the following 12 months you will receive:
  • Online training for all your staff and governors.
  • Online training for new members of staff.
  • Half-termly 10-minute video to keep you and your staff right up to date.
  • Information and advice for parents.
  • Guidance on any new or updated risks.
  • Support and guidance. Need advice? Ask away.

Why Online Safety Pro?

Time is precious, money is tight; equally, online safety has grown into such a huge area, how do you know what to keep up with and what’s the best advice?
  • Nobody knows what’s around the corner; the latest fad or app, behaviour risk or concern, new statutory guidance or a brilliant new free resource to use in the classroom.
  • The Online Safety Pro course is structured in a way to save you time by doing much of the work for you whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

Who should attend?

Online safety leads, computing/ICT leads, safeguarding leads, classroom teachers, middle and senior management.

The course and the resources are specifically for primary/prep/junior schools, however much of the advice/recommendations is perfectly suitable for secondary/senior schools but the focus will be primary, prep and junior schools.

Who will deliver the training?

Alan Mackenzie is an online safety specialist. He has been working in schools across England, specialising in online safety, since 2006.
Working with children, staff, parents, governors, police, charities and much more he brings a wealth of clear, pragmatic experience and advice concerning the areas where children are most likely to be: games, YouTube and social media.
He doesn’t just talk about these areas, he uses (and enjoys) them all and is therefore able to balance the risks and the opportunities.

Where is the training and how much?

Whilst conferences and other courses like this one tend to concentrate on the usual areas (London, Birmingham, Manchester) the intent is to deliver the training at smaller venues all over England and beyond if there is enough interest in a particular area, saving you expensive travel costs. The cost is £349.00 plus VAT per delegate, which includes the 1-day event plus all the resources for 12 months after your course. This is less than the cost of getting a consultant into school for a staff and parents evening.

You have two options:

  • Sign up using the form, I will inform you of dates and venues. Please include your county; if enough people from a particular county show an interest I will organise a venue close to you. Your information is only used to send you information about the course and venues. Your information is not shared with any other person/organization.
  • If you are able to host at your school (plus provide lunch/coffee) and guarantee a minimum of 6 other schools attending you get the course at no cost. Drop me an email to:

Sign up for information and venues