Establishing an e-Safety Group

e-Safety Group Screenshot

An e-safety group or committee in your school can be one of the most forward thinking initiatives you can do in terms of leadership and management of e-safety.

However, it can also be a frustrating process not knowing who should be in the group, what you discuss, what the outcomes are etc.

For that reason I have put together this guide to try and help you out a little.

It’s version 1, so if you spot anything amiss let me know.

You can either download the PDF guide by clicking on the graphic or click HERE.

What is contained in the guide?
It’s a simple guidance document that goes into areas such as:

  • Establishing the group; what are the outcomes of the e-safety group, who should be in it and what are their roles.
  • Who will chair the group.
  • How you get information into the group and how you get information out to the wider community.
  • An example standing agenda.

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