The Online Academy

Progressive, differentiated, online safety training for all school staff.

The Online AcademyKeeping Children Safe in Education requires staff to be trained and regularly updated in online safety.

In response to budget deficits, difficulties with getting all staff together, keeping staff updated etc. with the most important topics a new set of resources has been created.

The Online Academy is a partnership between Alan Mackenzie ( and Traci Good ( who combine many years of experience in schools, local authorities, the third sector, police and others. We both work in schools with children, staff, parents etc. every week so our advice and guidance is clear, pragmatic and right up to date.

The Online Academy delivers video training that fits the needs of all your staff – the training is differentiated. For example, all teaching and support staff have access to modules that are different to designated safeguarding leads, governors, the online safety lead etc.

All staff have their own account which they can access from anywhere on any device and can view the training over the course of 12 months. The costs are a ‘per site’ cost rather than per person, and if you have new members of staff join within the 12 months they too will have access to the training.

To find out more, including all the courses and costs, please visit the main site HERE.

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